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fill in all the blanks and tag six people

1. name: Sarah
2. birthday: 11th February
3. favourite number(s): 4, 9
4. height: 5”7 / 170cm ish
5. talents: Not many at all but I’m working on it! … drawing is the only thing I’m decent at I think O:
6. can you juggle?: I can hardly catch 1 ball properly :c
7. art/sports/both: Absolutely positively art. Sport not so much, though I’ve been meaning to get into it aaaha… But if there’s a table tennis table around I enjoy playing ^u^
8. do you like writing?: I enjoy it more than maths, I usually write for school work only though!
9. do you like dancing?: Not really ha, I’m the one that just sits and eats food or reads/is on their phone rather than dance ;n;
10. do you like singing?: Sometimes, only when I am absolutely certain there is no one around


1. dream vacation: I can never answer this question straight… Somewhere pretty!? Where ever there is fabu food and drink
2. dream guy/gal: Someone whom I can connect with and spend hours on end talking about the everything, art, food, cartoons, the universe etc c:
3. dream wedding: I wouldn’t mind If I dont have a wedding but I suppose I would love something beautiful and dream like… Maybe a garden area with fairy lights and lovely soft music ♥
4. dream pet: Haha maybe a goldfish? Something low maintenance hehe! Though If I find time and effort in the future I would like one of those cute white dogs with the curly fur (since they hardly shed)… or maybe a white bun!
5. dream job: I want to be an artist! It’s my absolute dream to do illustrations, concept art, games stuff, comics and all those sorts of things for a living!

1. guys/girls/both: I don’t mind :P As long as theyre cute n sweet ♥
2. hair colour: No preference! <3
3. eye colour: Again, i really don’t mind :)
4. humorous/serious?: Ohhh it really depends what sort of humor and seriousness this is? Humor is VERY important, but it should be the same sort of humor I have, this sort of character… It carries onto serious conversation as well.
5. taller/shorter: For a boy, I prefer them to be taller. But this is just a small preference, in the end i don’t mind.
6. biggest turn off: Bad hygiene and just general rudeness where they think theyre better than everyone else, stride around and spit out mean things without thought, no thank you!
7. biggest turn on: Someone who I can easily speak with, and about many different things! Also just generally lovely people, they are so great ♥ ♥

I tag: Everyone reading this, yes you! You are tagged! But I specifically tag littlebirdy01, sexysilverstriderkilluazoldydck, aprilovebird and melmee!

Anonymous asked:
I quite like the stuff in the inspiration blog, Maybe with an insane amount of luck I might follow your artistic footsteps

Aaaa I’m glad! ♥ Though perhaps I shouldn’t call it inspiration? My art looks nothing similar to it haha … maybe just aesthetics I enjoy :)

And absolutely! Though I don’t consider myself all that skilled, It’s an honor for someone to want to follow me artistically, I wish you the best of luck! Lets both practice lots <3 ^v^


Hi everyone! I made a Youtube channel! I will continue to upload speedpaints on it, so if you’re interested I would super appreciate any subscriptions from you guys! Thank you so much ^u^ ♥ ♥

Hi anon! These are the three brushes I use for most of my work. And yes! I have uploaded my first speed paint here. You can click on the images for my comments, hope this helps and that you have a lovely day/night also! ♥ ♥ ♥

Strawberry Sundae ♥ ♥ ♥ Speedpaint ! 

Happy Princess Peach month!